Just Say Yes:

Sometimes the difference between the mundane and greatness is a simple yes. Saying yes positions you for the greater in life. This has absolutely happened to me in my own life when I have said yes, especially when the conditions wouldn’t have supported it.

I remember when the idea of attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) dropped into my heart. I immediately wanted to dismiss it. I said to myself “there’s no way that I can uproot myself and disrupt my family, let alone to move out of the state of Alaska.”

I submitted the application and really didn’t think much of it. Soon afterwards, I scheduled an interview and was accepted before I knew it. I was faced with having to give my two-week notice and figure out, with my family, how to transition to California. Everything happened so quickly that it caught me off guard, and I truly witnessed a miracle in how everything came together. My husband and daughter would remain in Alaska and I would live in California for those nine months.

It Takes Courage to Lean In:

I found that it takes courage to lean in and say yes. When you say yes, it most likely means you will have to throw caution to the wind and walk outside of your comfort zone. I know that if I didn’t say yes to BSSM I would always wonder about the “what if” and that nothing would really change in my life. However, if I said yes, I would experience life more abundantly.

Grace enables you to walk in the impossible:

I’m reminded of Peter when he was in the boat on the Sea of Galilee[1]. When Peter and his friends saw Jesus walking on the water, Peter called out to the Lord, and the Lord called out to Peter, telling him to come onto the water. Peter was faced with a choice: either walk on the water to meet the Lord, or stay in the boat. Instead of staying with the familiar, Peter did something he never would have dreamed of; by stepping out, and walking on the water, he said yes to the Lord.

Yes Changes Things:

When I said yes to move to Redding, I had a sense that I was in for a huge surprise and exponential change. The truth of the matter is that God will give you the strength and ability to function in what he has called you to do. This is called grace and is the divine enablement to do what you normally couldn’t do on your own. Does grace mean that you escape trials in your life? Not at all, but if you can choose to lean on God, you will experience the unforced rhythms of grace. A perfect example of this in my life is that while I was in Redding, my husband was responsible for paying for the mortgage at home, the rent in Redding, and other expenses. God supplied every single need; we even had extra to bless people around us on a consistent basis.

Your Yes Affects Others:

When I said yes to this transition, my daughter ended up coming to visit me. She was forever changed and she found herself coming into divine alignment with every area of her life. If you were to ask her about her experience, she may tell you that she ended up rededicating her life to God after years of being an atheist. She was no longer depressed, her body was healed from diabetes, her physical vision was restored, and a host of other things too long to list here. The biggest miracle is that she has hope for her future and she has decided to yes as well.

They Said Yes:

When you look at history, it is filled with people who have said yes, and this act of obedience changed the world. There is a long list of people we can list off the top of our heads who have said yes: King David said yes, Moses said yes, Ruth and Esther said yes, the apostles, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham all said yes. To me, the most important “yes” was the one that Jesus said when He said yes to the cross. There are countless others who have said yes as well and have therefore changed history.

Will You Say Yes?

Will you take courage, lean in, and say yes? There is grace for you if you decide to, as God always makes a way when we say yes to Him.


[1] Matthew 14:22-33